What makes the Cardboard Box Company different

We design, print and manufacture corrugated board into just about every conceivable application. Whether it’s an industrial or retail packaging design, a promotional (POS) display or another innovative project, we are here to help.

We can design a package that fits perfectly around your product and always make sure that, when your product arrives at the end of its journey, the packaging provides a high-level of protection and looks outstanding.

We are passionate about corrugated board here at the Cardboard Box Company, and we’d love to help you on your next project.

We Understand Your Needs

We don’t believe in problems, only solutions. We discuss your needs and, with our in-house technical team of packaging experts, work out how best to find an economical solution to fit your specific product and budget.

We Create Solutions For You

Our structural CAD designers can immediately create a number of prototype samples using our software tools, which provide the levels of protection you require. You can touch, feel and even test, to ensure you and your end customers are delighted with the end result.

We Can Maximise The Appeal Of Your Brand

Our team of graphics experts are dedicated to delivering the best and most economical methods of print and branding on corrugated boards. Our team will help with:

  • Maximising convenience in distribution
  • Shelf presence in-store
  • Optimising your brand opportunity

Our European Award Winning Graphics Team, develop designs using either Flexo; Litho-laminate or Digital print technologies that often exceed your needs.

We Can Get You To Market Faster

The pressure from clients and customers to get to market is immense. By using the Cardboard Box Company you have an advantage – our in-house technical expertise and capability. We can quickly develop a custom design for you, and get your product out to the customer and into the market, way ahead of the competition.

Our Dedication to Innovation and Customer Satisfaction Has Bagged Us Several Awards… 

  • 2019 Silver Star Award winners at STARPACK Packaging Industry Awards:
    Silver – TRANSIT / INDUSTRIAL / DISTRIBUTION (Allermuir ECOFlex Chair Pack)
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  • 2018 Gold Award winners in the EFIA (European Flexographic Industry Association) Print Awards:
    Gold – Use of digital as a complimentary process (Thwaites digital presentation box)
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  • 2017 Gold and Silver Award winners in the EFIA Print Awards:
    Gold – Post print on folder gluers uncoated (Thwaites Allstars box)
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  • 2016 Gold and Silver Award winners in the EFIA Print Awards:
    Gold – Best creative use of the Flexographic process (Halloween light box using fluorescent inks)
    Silver – Post print on folder gluers uncoated (Foxes traditionals Butter Scotch SRP)
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  • 2014 Finalist in the Telegraph’s Festival of Business SME of the Year. Find out more.
  • 2014 Double Gold and Single Bronze Award winners in the EFIA Print Awards:
    Gold – Corrugated post print uncoated line & screen (Tetley tea loaf SRP)
    Gold – Use of Flexo for brands (Tetley tea loaf SRP)
    Bronze – Technical innovation – printer (Halloween milk chocolate eyeballs SRP)