Ink Lab

Our ink mixing experts are ready and waiting.

Consistent Colour Reproduction

Maintaining consistent colour reproduction on corrugated packaging remains a challenge across the industry, but not for the Cardboard Box Company. We possess both the tools and the expertise to meet that challenge head on, and our products always make the impact you and your customers aspire to.

  • Spot ink formulation and colour matches

    We use on the spot ink formulation and colour matches, giving you the chance to experiment with the colour before your product goes into manufacturing. Our on site spectrophotometers to measure and record colours throughout the run, ensuring each run is within tolerance of the original standards set.

  • Ink mixing

    We have an onsite ink mixing station, enabling us to mix your colour there and then with complete flexibility. All inks are mixed from a combination of base colours so fine-tuning your requirements is a simple task at the Packaging Ink Lab. Always take into account colour control requirements, ensuring our solution adheres to retailer packaging guidelines.