27th June 2019

Starpack Awards 2019



Allermuir ECOFlex Chair Pack

This pack was required to be as small as possible, to save on space and increase container export payload, be neat and quick to assemble. The ease and the speed at which the fitting can be assembled is what makes it special. The one-piece design, with its simple folds, create adequate buffers with simple locking methods that prevent damage in palletised transit and whilst the pack is being handled. The slots create excellent location points to hold the chair parts exactly in place without any movement.

An environmental and cost saving benefit of the design was the removal of any need for polystyrene. The buffers created in the board, gives the box enough cushioning to fully protect the chair through transit. All parts support each other, with the added advantage of great strength, removing the risk of failure whilst in highly stacked export containers.

STARPACK 2019 - Allermuir 2       STARPACK 2019 - Allermuir 1

Judges’ Comments
“Very well designed pack for a product that is notoriously difficult to pack. Well thought through and good use of materials. Attention to positioning of the hand holds is required.”

Packaging Designer: Kristian Howson
Brand Owner: Allermuir (The Senator Group)




Blade Lighting Packaging

One common, corrugated pack solution to transport nine possible light combinations (three different lighting systems and three different lengths) utilising a cradle system with common width and height, which can be changed in length by locating two dividers in the correct position, offers the advantage of minimal tooling outlay. The cradle with its double walled sides and base struts allows for the product to be lifted up and away from the outside edges of the packaging with a final piece of packaging placed on top to protect the face of the lighting system.

The one-box solution, made from 80% recycled corrugated board is fully recyclable and delivers amazing flexibility and product protection delivering tangible cost and material saving efficiencies.

STARPACK 2019 - ACDC 2       STARPACK 2019 - ACDC 1

Judges’ Comments
“Easily accessible and a great material choice for a variable size pack.”

Packaging Designer: Marc Stobbs
Brand Owner: ACDC