High quality print for impactful packaging designs.

  • Print Technologies available to you

    With our large format digital printers we can offer more options and exciting new features as part of our digital printing capabilities. We can transfer a digital image file directly to the substrate, avoiding the need for more costly traditional printing plates. Flexographic, Litho-Laminated and Digital Printing offer very different capabilities and benefits, but more importantly, provide a very different visual experience for your customer. We can help you select the most appropriate print technology for your budget and optimize the artwork for your design, ensuring your brand stands out from your competitors.

  • Flexographic Printing

    This form of printing is the most cost effective form of printing on corrugated board. It can be used on either of or four and six colour printing presses capable of running quality print at up to 22,000 boxes an hour. It is ideal should you need a fairly small run or if you have a large volume requirements. It produces high quality, flexographic print that’s ideal for simple text or multi-coloured, decorative award winning print that really showcases your product. It also offers brand uniformity, repeatability and die-cutting options for all box shapes and sizes.

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  • Litho-Laminated Printing

    This type of printing is the most consistent, premium print technology available providing the highest quality finish for your packaging; endorsing the product and the branding. It also creates glossy, photographic quality that enhances packaging and is suitable for light and heavyweight products, and has the highest clarity and impact for point-of-sale packaging (POS) and freestanding display units (FSDU’s).


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  • Digital Printing

    Digital printing has recently brought technical advancements, more options and exciting new features; all available to help you make a difference in the market place. It’s perfect for producing short-to-medium runs, and offers a much quicker turnaround due to its minimal press setup and consistency of print. It also provides consistently good quality, cost effective printed packaging, supplied quickly.


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