We’re passionate about meeting consumer demand for ‘green’ packaging.

100% recyclable

Corrugated board is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials available. Not only does it contain a minimum of 80% recycled material, but it’s also 100% recyclable. We’re passionate about meeting consumer demand for ‘green’ packaging made from either recycled material or material sources from fully managed and sustainable forests.

  • All Part of the Process

    All waste created during our manufacturing process is collated using a sophisticated extraction and baler system, producing bales which are then collected and processed to be made into corrugated board again. 

    We have a state of the art on-site water treatment facility to remove any metals and solids suspended in water that we use.

  • We're Giving Back

    We collect and reuse rain water in our water treatment tank.

    We have a sophisticated solar panel system allowing us to utilise the sun’s energy to create some of our own electricity and heat our water.

    We turn the dust generated in the production process into compact briquettes, which are then used to feed our employee’s wood burners at home.

    We reuse our empty ink and glue totes.

    We operate a modern fleet of vehicles to maximise fuel efficiencies.

    We can’t recycle plastic so we send it to a customer of ours that can!