12th October 2017


BOBST Digital Print Inspection Table


In October 2017 we became the first site in the world to take delivery of a pioneering Digital Inspection Table from BOBST.

Designed to enhance print quality control and virtually remove production errors, the Digital Inspection Table is a novel technology that incorporates digital projection for the proofing of printed sheets and die-cut blanks, whilst providing real-time visual representations to match product with digital proofs.

Ken Shackleton, Managing Director: “The Digital Inspection Table is a wonderful piece of British manufacturing that complements our print investment perfectly. We have invested in some truly fantastic assets over the past year that are already having a significant impact on the success of our business. The Digital Inspection Table takes us to another level in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.”

Developed by BOBST, in collaboration with innovation partner, HE Inventions, the Digital Inspection Table uses HD projectors to illuminate the product sample with quality control imaging, enabling the operator to easily see if quality standards are matched or compromised.

In addition, the layout file can also be projected on to the sheet so that print registration can be checked and adjusted, removing the need for overlays and print minis and moving the process from paper to digital.

Inspection Table 03 - rectangle