22nd July 2015

Reduce costs by design

  1. Our CAD department seek to understand the product in its entirety, utilising existing packing processes and timings, existing packaging in terms of construction and material which is examined in the in house paper laboratory, finished product distribution journey, end users expectations, standards and requirements and crucially manufacturing process within CBC for potential new designs.
  2. Our CAD team look at existing designs to see if any additional packaging components are used such as plastic trays or air bags, in order to try and offer a single corrugated solution and eliminate any expensive additions.
  3. To reduce overall transportation costs, our CAD team look at rationalising size or changing orientation of products within the package in order to optimise pallet fill of packed finished product.
  4. Our CAD team examine existing packaging lines to see if potential suggested changes do not reduce productivity rates, and if possible allow for increase in productivity.
  5. The final solution or recommended solutions are then supplied for customer approval.