23rd June 2015

Increase Shelf Presence and Maximise Branding

  1. The CBC team consider the overall position associated with product criteria, including the manufacturing process, product journey and its final retail environment.
  2. Our in-house CAD department quickly recognise the most appropriate design options and produce samples in order to explain their reasoning and to allow customer to test the packaging.
  3. Our in-house Graphics department take chosen images, logos or ideas, whether they exist electronically, on a piece of paper, or just the customer’s vision, and use their brand expertise to establish the most effect method of print in order to fully maximise the visual effect of the SRP.
  4. Our Graphics department produce electronic proofs, 3D imagery and hard digital proofs for customers to see during product development.
  5. The required colours generated by the Graphics team are formulated within the in-house Ink Laboratory and then locked into the spectrophotometer colour matching system so the colour standards are set for all future runs.
  6. Printed corrugated packaging is then produced with the colours measured for accuracy throughout the manufactured batch to ensure the highest quality product possible, maximising the strength of visual appeal for the brand consistently throughout the product’s life.